My Favorite Vacation

...involves the ocean. Anywhere. For me to feel refreshed and happy, I need to hear the waves break on the shore. My favorite place to be: on a porch, in a lounge chair, in the morning, drinking coffee...watching the waves. Fortunately, HH and Boo also love the ocean. We recently went to The Shore to secure a place to stay and Boo was so excited I was afraid he'd...well, you know. We look through our album of trips to the ocean and we can see how our little guy has grown.

2004 in Massachusetts:

2007 in New Jersey:

2008 in Massachusetts:

One year, we planned to go to the Outer Banks, but a hurricane beat us there. So, instead of making a left, we decided we'd just make a right and head for the mountains. I did not feel rested at all. Maybe because I grew up in the mountains so it didn't seem like a change at all? That was when I realized how much I love the ocean. Maybe it's the rhythm of the waves... the sound, the pattern. Did you know that what is seemingly a random pattern is in fact a complex fractal geometry? Only the Creator God could order it so.
We're headed to The Shore shortly. I've been meaning to get into bathing-suit-shape, but haven't been making it to the gym. I guess I'll have to be bathing-suit-barely-tolerable-shape. Or maybe I'll just stay on the porch, drinking coffee. Reading a book. Not a bad option.


Nicole said...

Sounds wonderful. Thanks for visiting me at my blog! Happy vacationing!

Karla with a K said...

My family likes the ocean, too.
Hey, do you have email? I wanted to take conversation from Carla's blog off-line.

dcrmom said...

Oh I love, LOVE the ocean.

blackbelt_oma said...

Sure, Karla. Go to 4 before 40 where I posted my email.