Shoe Fetish

Oooh, I can't resist this one. Even though I am technically diagnosed with a Shoe Fetish, I SO need a summer bag.
I get a chance to win this hotty, if I link over to The Secret is in The Sauce. OK, well, I can do that! The SITSas are having six weeks of give-aways and this is one contest where you don't get any junkmail or annoying phone calls!


Jenn said...

I found you through the PMB. I have a few friends that belong and they got me started so I have just been checking out those connected with it. I think it was from Jo-lynne's site that I found you. You just have to love a free hand bag!! Yeah if I can't win I hope you do:)

Sarah said...

Now... I can't hang on the food post but, I can talk and shop shoe with the best of them!