A friend of mine saw my posting about a meal I made at the Shore and didn't realize it was posted from the Shore, using the condo's dishes. She remarked that her mother had the same dishes. She has a penchant for reminding me that she is younger than me, (ahem!) even though we're sort of cyber-twins. I'm not a dish snob or anything, but I am pretty clear about my design preferences. I am, after all, an architect. We, as a type, are known to have just a few opinions about design. So, I cleared that up pronto! and now she wants to see what dishes I actually have. And use. At my house.

My design sensiblities lean toward Modernism. That would be the early 20th Century revolution by the likes of Bertoia, the Eames', Corbu, Wirkkala. Teaks, stainless steel, glass, burlap, earthenware, leather. No space-age George Jetson stuff. No Kitsch. Atleast, not in my house. I appreciate all good design, no matter what style, as well as the cultural relevance of bad design.

There was a "I'll show you mine" thing on a bunch of blogs awhile back. It's a fun, girly thing to do. So, here's a little glimpse of who I am:


This white set is for our everyday. No, I don't use linens everyday. We have Boo, remember?? I moved his plastic place mat off to the side for the effect. :-) Those aren't all the pieces, but it gives you an idea of the clean look I prefer. It's a combination of Crate & Barrel, Target and Craigslist. The lip on the plates are great for a little one chasing peas with a fork.


This Sasaki set is in pale, pale pink with a raw stoneware edge. It is designed by Vignelli and Vignelli, a graphic designer/architect team out of New York. I love how the raw edge looks, and sets it off from the table. Conceptually, it's very East Asian,

in that it is lifted high off the surface, and the raw edge is accentuating it's differentiation from it's surroundings. I use this set when I'm having friends over, and if I'm not serving a tomato sauce. The red-orange doesn't look appetizing on the blush tone. I love the shapes. I could practically eat up those salt and pepper shakers.

Here we are at a summer time potluck. These women are some of the first friends I met here 5 years ago, when we were put together as a playgroup. We got on so well, we ditched the group that put us together, but stayed together as a playgroup!


This is my wedding china. I should say "ours," because I've never met a man that was so concerned about china as my HH. Having a design-sensitive husband is a blessing and a curse, y'know! For those of you who roll their eyes at their seemingly colorblind husbands, think of the alternative!! Actually, I love that HH has a great sense of design. . . we're a great team. Anyway, here's a combination of Mikasa Royal Glimmer, Dansk teak and Sasaki Orbit Gold. I have to credit my best friend, Artsy, for finding me those napkins. They are so funky and work so perfectly with my dishes, to give it an individual flair. I try to put a retro spin on it by combining the settings with teak and vintage pieces. No brass candlesticks here.

For those that have "issues" with using Art in manufactured products, you'll just have to decline the invites to our home! Ha! Actually, I have issues with that too, sometimes. I think Klimt, though, and other Secessionists, are good at transferring to other media like linens, carpeting and decor.

I have sixteen - yes 16 - place settings. Of course I didn't know gold can't go in the dishwasher!! Can you imagine setting out 16 place settings of your good china and then washing them at the end of the evening?? Not this mama!

So, come on over!



AmyP said...

Aww, shucks! Just for me! =) I have to say, all three of these sets do seem to be a much better match for you than the Corelleware from the condo. But you already knew that, didn't you? Wish I lived closer so I could come test out all three sets.

Anonymous said...

Grace- You have great taste! Where can I get those salt and pepper shakers??? Christine

blackbelt_oma said...

You may be able to get them through Replacements. It is Sasaki's Colorstone series:

Sarah said...

I like this post... How FUN!
I'll show you mine later this week... Stay tuned!