My Man

Happy Father's Day to HH, my Handsome Husband.
My Boy Toy.
My Arm Candy.
My hunk.

No cinema idol could stand up to you. The man who genuinely rejoices with me when I find my white summer sandals I thought I'd lost. The man who makes me coffee every morning, even when he himself won't touch the stuff. The man who gives me 20 when I ask for 10. The man who bought me the larger of the 2 diamonds we considered. The man who talks too loudly in the morning, and falls asleep by 9. . . the man who has never seen the end of a video with me. The man who always asks if I want dessert, even though I'm 20 pounds overweight.

The man who made me a mother. Happy Father's Day, dear.



dcrmom said...

Teehee! Love the diamond and the dessert part. Naturally. :-)

Rebecca said...

Whoa, this is the nicest little "Happy Father's Day" blog tribute I've read! You are quite the writer. I'm thankful for a husband that would never deprive me from dessert either, even though I rarely NEED it. :)