For Julia

I met her a year or two ago...because so many people seem to talk about her blog. I was captivated by her writing. I was drawn into her light...and then saw underneath the darkness of pain. Of a father that said he never felt like she was his daughter. And had the cruelty to say it. Of the mother who seemed to love her, and yet, was not at her ailing daughter's bedside across the sea. I don't know Julia's part in their relationships...it doesn't matter to me.

She fought her cancer. Hard. I won't say she lost. That's just not how I see her. I am just sad that she left this world. For many reasons.

Honor her by reading ...and remembering her.


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Natalie Witcher said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. You're right, there was no harm intended and you heard our hearts. The "US Americans" comes from a Miss USA Competition. The girl called all us US Americans. OH, I do hope you really heard our hearts and know that it wasn't to make fun! You were very gracious in your comment! I hold NO bad feelings toward anyone who calls this great country home! I pray you are blessed and, again, thank you for being gracious and seeing WHO we are through what we may have been portraying.