I miss Ma...

We've been in and out a lot. It wasn't until yesterday that I realized the home phone didn't work. So, I had to call the phone company. I don't pay the bills, so I had to remember the name of the company. . . Transit? No. Transome? No. Oh, Trinsic!

So Trinsic, the phone company, had to get Verizon, which owns the lines, to come make the repairs. Then Matrix called back to see if all was well. Matrix?! I thought it was a solicitation, so I hung up on this woman. Bless her heart, she called back. Twice. She told me Matrix is what Trinsic used to be - oops!
I asked the Verizon technician if we could get another outlet. Well, no, because that would be Trinsic. Or Matrix. I'd have to call Trinsic/Matrix, then they would come to put in a new outlet. Now, we could change our service to Verizon so we'd have the same company handling our phones and our lines, but in about 6 months, Verizon is going have all digital service available in this area. Is that all clear?

All that to say that you can now call us on our old-fashioned connected-to-wires phone that rings in our house, OK?

I miss Ma Bell.

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