Snack Time!

I'm playing FriedOkra 's game today. What are our 10 favorite snacks?

This is an important question to us, because since Boo could eat, he would eat 24 hours if he could. As soon as he was old enough, I had to create a really strict regimen of Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Snack. Because like I said, he'd eat 24 hours a day. Those "Snacks" were like mini meals! For example, one of his snacks as a toddler was whipped sweet potatos, honey and yogurt. I mean this kid ATE. He was never chubby, but he sure was ummm... "healthy." Here he is at 10 months, exploring under my piano. You wouldn't know it by his physique today, having turned into a lean little guy. He's always been a great fruit and vegetable eater. His favorite foods include tofu, fiddlehead and bean sprouts. I'm doing all I can to keep his friends' eating habits from influencing him. Like when a class mate said of his snack, "Ewwwww! peppers are stinky!" Nice, huh? The first of many peer-pressure battles! Oh would they stay that easy!
I do all I can to AVOID the yucky stuff:
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Red- OR blue-dyed anything
Artificial anything - fat, sweetner, coloring, flavoring
I also try to GET the good stuff:
whole grains
low salt
low fat
natural, unprocessed foods.
All conventionally grown vegetables and fruits get washed with Environne's Fruit & Vegetable Wash.
Not in any order:

1. Annie's Cheddar or Graham Bunnies - VERY yummy. Totally organic.
2. Newman's Own Popcorn - natural, low salt
3. Bell Peppers or Baby Carrots
4. Raw Almonds - Almonds because they are the best ratio of nutrients to fats out of all the nuts, and they taste great. Pistachios are also a family favorite. We don't know about their fat content. We don't have time to think aobut it because the bag usually doesn't last 2 days.
5. Cheese sticks - I just pick the one that has the least amount of salt.
6. Yogurt - Stoneyfield Farms is our favorite. They're usually organic and I like their philosophy.
7. Low Acid Orange Juice - one of the only juices that naturally retain all their nutrients
8. Honey Oat Pretzel Sticks - for some reason, the Honey Oat flavor seems to have a portion of whole grain in them
9. Fruit - Fuji apples are a favorite. Also Champagne mangos. Grapes. Orages.
10. Peppero Choco Sticks - OK. This is totally unredeeming. It's got processed flour. Chocolate. Artificial everything. But Boo loves it. And it's Corean. And I don't want you to think I'm a nutrition goody-goody.


dcrmom said...

Ooooooh, some great ideas in there!! glad to know I'm not alone in my battle against the evil PHOs and HFCS.

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Wow. You do a GREAT job of getting healthy stuff - Boo will eat red peppers? I'll have to try that with Bean - but I think she'll turn up her nose. I'll tell her I *know* other kids like 'em, thanks to you!